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Translation, editing, and copywriting for the law, business, and academia

Nicholas Corwin, LL.M., DipTrans

Translation encompasses far more than language alone. To be sure, language skills are indispensable, but they are only the beginning. Translators must also possess competency in the subject matter—and in the legal profession, that is extensive. Every country’s legal system addresses the same fundamental issues: contracts, negligence, bankruptcy, injury, sales, real estate, intellectual property, taxation, litigation, individual rights, appeals, and judgments, to mention just a few. Ultimately, it’s about liability. You need a translator with both theoretical and practical understanding of the subject matter—namely, the law.

My task, as a translator, is to surmount linguistic, technical, and cultural barriers to understanding. This objective is distinct from the practice of law itself. Clearly, the legal systems of Germany and the United States differ. Having been educated and trained in the U.S., rather than in Germany, I am not a Rechtsanwalt (a lawyer admitted to practice in Germany), but rather an Attorney at Law, admitted to the bar in California. To reiterate: in my capacity as a translator, I do not offer legal advice. Yet when you retain me to translate a legal document, the final product—just like the original—will be a document drafted by a lawyer.

Translation, Editing, and Copywriting

specialized vocabulary and usage relevant to the subject matter and field

appropriate language level, for example, formal, conversational, or casual

comprehensive review and proper citation of sources in accordance with industry standards

flawless grammar, syntax, structure, use of idiomatic expressions, and collocations

polished texts
that read as though drafted in English in the first place

Law and Business

Contracts, prospectuses, Terms & Conditions

Reports and promotional material, marketing

Court judgments, expert opinions

Trial and appellate briefs and memoranda

Due diligence, taxation, and transactional documents

Scholarly articles and other legal material

Literature and Academia

Articles for publication

Theses and dissertations

Papers, essays, and reports

Memoirs and correspondence

Book-length projects

Why retain me? How can you benefit?

Education & Certification

Aristotle was surely correct: The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. In my work, I regularly draw upon a foundation of a classical, humanistic education. Beyond university life, I continued investing in professional development, culminating in the Goethe Institute’s C2 in German and the Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London, regarded as the gold standard of translator qualifications.


Professional translations necessitate much more than an abstract grasp of grammar and vocabulary. Translation must also be informed by the world itself—that is, by lived experience. My diverse background—in the law, the merchant navy, the military, and academia—has taught me the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. As a translator, I consider it imperative to keep current with political, economic, and cultural developments.

Germany and the U.S.

My ability to translate effectively is also enhanced by a broad understanding of Germany and its culture. In addition to completing postgraduate work in German history and literature, I have lived and worked in the country for nearly a decade. Nevertheless, sound professional practice means translating solely into my native language—English—while maintaining close ties to my country of origin, the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since each text is unique, a preliminary review is necessary before an exact quote is provided. Following this preliminary step, I will send you a clear, detailed quote for the translation, editing, or writing work involved. Even after the final delivery of the materials, you continue to be my client. So any quoted figure will always include two rounds of feedback. Generally, translations are billed by the word (of the German source text), and editing/proofreading on an hourly basis.

The industry standard for translation is 2,500 source-text words per business day. Depending on the complexity, urgency, and the extent of any research necessary for a particular project, this pace may vary. Upon reviewing your text, I will provide you a fixed and binding delivery date.

Yes. Professional ethics absolutely require that all communication, data, information, and documents remain entirely privileged and confidential. Whether or not you ultimately decide to retain my services, you can rest assured that I shall never disclose any of your information or data to any third party.

Please contact me using the website contact form or via email, so that we can readily keep track of all communication and conversations. Of course, you are always welcome to schedule a phone call as well.

German, natürlich! To me, language fluency encompasses all four major skill areas: reading, writing, hearing, and speaking. You can discuss every topic—regardless of its complexity—with me in German. If you are not a German speaker, I am of course equally prepared to conduct business with you in English.

Absolutely. In today’s business environment, transparency is vitally important. You, as a client, have every right to complete assurance as to your translator’s claims of formal education and professional training. You can verify my credentials using the following links:



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